Try the Kollective SD ECDN Trial on the Azure Marketplace

May 13, 2016

SD ECDN Self-Service Trial, crafted for the IT Pro, is a live interaction that lets you experience how a portion of Kollective’s video delivery system behaves in a network environment. You will set-up three Virtual Machines (VMs), including Kollective agents. Once set-up, you will start a live video stream on one of the VMs, designated as a LAN Leader. Watch the LAN Leader share the stream with two other VMs. Stop and start the video stream and watch the distributed algorithms in action as the Kollective agents elect a new LAN Leader, without compromising quality across all video streams.

Before you start the trial on Azure Marketplace, view the Watch How the SD ECDN Works” video and read the SD ECDN Self-Service Trial Guide”.

Then visit the Kollective SD ECDN Trial on Azure Marketplace by clicking here.

Jay Harel

VP of Product Management

Jay oversees Kollective’s roadmap and product definition. As head of product management, he and his team work with partners and stakeholders inside and outside of the company. Jay has 20 years of product and engineering management experience in such diverse industries as industrial services, network management, semiconductors, and consumer internet.

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