Why Kollective

Kollective Software-Defined Enterprise Content Delivery Network (SD ECDN) is the most powerful and adaptable cloud-based network infrastructure technology serving customers’ global digital distribution needs now and into the future.

Smart Peering

Kollective SD ECDN peer-assisted delivery technology leverages top-down network design methodology, efficiently leveraging your existing hardware base. Only a small software agent needs to be installed on end-user machines, enabling them to participate in a dynamic, self-scaling orchestra of coordinated content distribution activity. It’s like music for your network.

Broad Architecture

From day one, Kollective has been developing the SD ECDN to do more than video content distribution alone. Because the system can be controlled simply and centrally, it allows you to put in place delivery and resource-utilization policies that match the performance and impact trade-offs you want to make for a variety of jobs. What’s more, SD ECDN can be easily upgraded to handle new protocols and other changes as your network needs evolve.

Ground Work

Since our SD ECDN has been designed and adapted specifically for the enterprise, we’ve built APIs that enable content-delivery services to be integrated into various content-heavy business applications. We’ve also developed an expansive ecosystem of technology and solution partners over the years to ensure your overall solution will work seamlessly.


SD ECDN employs a multilevel, PKI-based security framework that eliminates attack vulnerabilities; provides point-to-point and at-rest encryption; validates signatures on data from arbitrary nodes; and implements identity-based content access control. As a mesh-based delivery grid, SD ECDN guarantees maximum robustness, speed and adaptivity with fast route-finding and failover that bond the bandwidth from multiple concurrent serving nodes to accelerate delivery.

For Video Delivery, Software Distribution and more, our SD ECDN platform provides rapid deployment of renewed content distribution capabilities with little operational overhead and near limitless scalability.


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