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User Experience.

Cisco and Kollective are changing the way your network delivers collaboration with smartECDN

Enable all your with one platform.

Kollective and Cisco have partnered to provide a turn-key networking infrastructure platform that offers customers the choice and flexibility to scale video delivery across all their critical front-end applications. With this partnership, customers have the freedom to choose their preferred solution for any given collaboration situation, including Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, or any other integration.

Microsoft Teams

Scale one-to-many communications through Teams Live Events and leverage the power of Microsoft Stream to easily create and securely share videos across the enterprise without impacting your network.

Cisco Webex

Deliver essential communications through high-quality Webex Events and provide collaborative experiences with interactive Webex Webinars to thousands of employees, regardless of their location.

All Your Integrations

Modern enterprise businesses rely on multiple front-end video applications to remain connected with employees. Kollective’s integrates with the world’s leading streaming solutions in minutes through our advanced SDK.

Flexible Deployment Empowers Your Enterprise

According to a recent Cisco survey, 85% of businesses use two or more virtual meeting platforms. Kollective's advanced SDK provides an integrated solution that offers rapid and flexible deployment of all front-end solutions and three powerful content distribution methods to address the most complex delivery challenges faced by businesses, ensuring seamless communication.

Why Kollective?

Kollective for Cisco collaboration enables customers to easily scale large, live video events to tens of thousands of users while eliminating concerns of office bandwidth availability and end user experience. As a Cisco Select Developer Partner, Kollective is trusted by hundreds of Global 2,000 organizations to securely scale video distribution within the enterprise, driving engagement and inclusivity for all employees whether they work remotely or on-site.

Kollective Reimagines Video Collaboration with Webex by Cisco

Kollective now offers an integration with Webex Webinars that will transform video collaboration and empower enterprises to effortlessly scale large, live video events to tens of thousands of users across hybrid work environments with limited concerns about bandwidth constraints, network congestion, or user experience. The Kollective integration with Webex Webinars with webcast view can be easily enabled via Webex Control Hub and is available now with Webex release 43.8.

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The World's Largest Brands Trust Kollective

Customer Testimonials

“Historically running any type of video on our network was a major problem, but today we run live video events and they have virtually no impact on our network.”
– Chief Network Architect, Government Agency

“Video is pivotal to our communications strategy because it allows our leadership to be authentic and transparent, connecting them with our entire global workforce.”
– VP of Corporate Communications, Global Consumer Brand

“Now, not only can we be sure videos have been delivered, we can see how many are viewed and also, crucially, when employees stop watching. It also gives us feedback on the videos we create by seeing what has really resonated."
– Head of Corporate Communications, Financial Institution

Frequently Asked Questions

Please review this FAQ for answers to some of the more common questions around Kollective's ECDN for Cisco Collaboration

Signing up for a free ECDN trial is easy – just click here. Here’s what to expect when you click through:
  1. Create an account
  2. Select all integrations you would like to set up
  3. Drop in your tokens for each integration selected
  4. Configure your setup
  5. Start scaling live events
Yes, The Kollective integration with Webex Webinars in webcast view can be easily enabled via Webex Control Hub and is avaiable now. Stay tuned for additional integration details with Webex Events coming soon. Learn more in the August 2023 Announcements on the Webex Help Center.
Kollective’s smartECDN uses machine learning to optimize and automate content delivery within enterprise networks while protecting mission-critical applications and network services. To ensure that IT has complete control and visibility, this technology features topology management, network modeling, anomaly detection and suggestive analytics that simplifies network management and ensures that corporate networks operate at peak efficiency. Visit this page to learn what a smartECDN can do for you.
Yes! Kollective supplies several options to test your network without impact to end users.
  1. Am I Ready to Peer?: Run several brief checks within your browser to validate potential for Browser-Based Peering
  2. Rapid Network Testing: Easily configure and quickly test peering in your network
  3. Network Readiness Test: Gather and report accurate network data that will provide compelling insights into pre-event testing
Yes. Kollective is the most configurable ECDN. Not only can you black out peering for users connecting to a video via VPN, you can also group viewers by internal and external IP for even greater granularity into event and network performance.
Yes. Kollective is Secure by Design and does not collect any personally identifiable information. Customers with a strong presence in the region will appreciate our data center hosted in Western Europe. For more information, please see our full privacy policy.
Yes. Kollective offers three options for delivering Teams video in China:
  • Browser-Based: Bypass the Great Firewall by routing through wide area network (WAN)
  • Agented: Go through the Great Firewall
  • EdgeCache: Peering can be enhanced by adding EdgeCache as an in-region source for content
You can read more about delivering live video in challenging network environments in this blog post.
Kollective integrates with Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, and many other leading solutions. Click here for the complete list of Kollective's integrations.
Kollective empowers its customers with Complete Coverage that addresses any video delivery challenges they may encounter. This is accomplished through multiple delivery methods that customers can easily access and deploy through a self-service onboarding portal. All delivery methods are connected via an intelligent SDK that routes content through the most efficient method. Learn More
The Kollective smartECDN free trial can be rapidly deployed to all your locations and employees in six clicks. Request 30-Day Free Trial

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