By Todd Johnson, Chairman and President of Kollective

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With the first half of 2016 behind us, what have we learned about the enterprise video space?

  1. 2016 is the year that most Chief Information Officers (CIOs) start to care about video. Microsoft’s announcement of Skype Meeting Broadcast as a part of the Office 365 bundles #1, #3 and #5 has video communications square in the middle of their messaging to CIOs as something they need to be doing.
    • Additionally, few-too-many video communications has become the far right item on the UCC continuum – this matters a lot, and indicates it is no longer stuck off in no man’s land. Every medium-to-large enterprise has a UCC team by that or a different name.

    • Whether you think Microsoft will conquer this universe or not, they are clearly helping the market reach a new level of maturity.

  2. Companies seem to be realizing the importance of having a strong Live Video and Video on-Demand (VoD) strategy. The use cases for each are multiplying. See observation #5 for more on expanded use cases.
  3. Many large companies are going back for a second bite at the enterprise video “apple”. In the last year we have seen a long list of large enterprises deploy or plan to deploy enterprise video infrastructure. These companies are educated and they ask great questions this time around. They are the trend setters.
  4. Delivery/Network scale solutions matter. One of the things that set the companies apart who are making their second run at this, they get how important scalable video delivery is to their success – it is paramount!
  5. Use cases are building more and more momentum. It is not just about All-Hands and Town Hall meetings. Human Resources (HR) using VoD and Live for new employee onboarding, training teams looking to integrate Learning Management Systems (LMS) with video infrastructure are now commonplace requirements once the infrastructure has been deployed.
  6. Software based ECDNs (Enterprise Content Delivery Networks) are rapidly becoming the preferred choice to address the video delivery issues. Even the analysts would agree.

Well there is lots of work left to do in 2016, but the one thing I am sure of is that enterprise video is finally getting the attention it deserves.

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