Building trust at global organizations with video

Building trust between employees is hard, especially in a geographically diverse enterprise. In this Inc. article titled, ” 7 ways leaders can improve trust within their organizations,” author Brent Gleeson outlines the 7 ways to improve trust within an organization. Of the 7 suggested tactics in this article, 70% of them can be solidified with the help of video.

Eye contact via video demonstrates trust

As executives have to communicate strategy, plans or upcoming change, being able to do that eye to eye goes a long way to being able to emphasize the importance, communicate the complexity or humanize the challenge. In large global organizations getting executive team members in front of all employees all at once is nearly impossible, but a live video event can provide the next best thing.

Video provides transparency

It’s hard to hide your true feelings with a camera in your face. Executives that have to communicate challenging topics can use video to provide that transparency that builds trust. That transparency can build trust between employees at all levels from executive to intern but also between teams.

Video encourages sharing

Mr. Glesson suggests organizations “Pass the word,” as a way to communicate what’s happening in the market, what’s happening internally, what’s happening with customers, etc. And that constant communication empowers team and improves collaboration. Imagine if all that information could come in the form of an informal video instead of an 800-word email.

Video portals encourage feedback

The 5th point in Mr. Glesson’s article is to provide feedback. When you are live streaming a town hall or executive message, being able to ask all employees for feedback or questions is important and hard. Employees need to feel comfortable enough to raise their hands, and logistically those questions have to get back to the executive, no matter the location of the employee or executive. Being able to pull this off real time with an easy to use video portal is an important way to facilitate feedback.

Live video communication address challenges faster

We’ve all been in those meetings where we can feel someone rolling their eyes through the phone. With video, you can see them roll their eyes. Once you can see a colleague’s real-time reaction to a discussion, you can quickly address concerns and dive into issues before they become too big.

To find out how global enterprises are using video to build trust within their organizations, read our customer stories here.

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