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In my blog post in August, 2017,  Continuing the Enterprise Video Communications Journey – Making the Right Friends Along the Way , I wrote about finding the right companions to walk with you on your video journey.

In my opinion, Communications Media Management Association is the gold standard for professionalism in enterprise media management.  For more than 70 years, CMMA has provided professional development and networking opportunities for its members through conferences, regional meetings, publications, and technology-based events.  I was a member from 2011 to 2017, and now I’m a vendor partner.

CMMA offers metro meetups in member cities all over the country.  At these meetups, a specific topic or technology is chosen for an afternoon of demos, discussions and usually a tour of a member facility.  The Dallas Metro Meetup on May 3rd in Dallas Texas will explore 4K video and provide a tour of the AT&T corporate video facility.  Then it’s happy hour with your new best friends!

Even if your company isn’t thinking about 4K video, you can learn about and experience it up close; something you might never be able to do, in a setting with people who really understand the technology.  You’ll gain knowledge that is important to your operation.  And, there’s always a media management topic discussion where you can get answers to your questions.

These are my people.  If you manage a key video or media function in an enterprise, business, education, government or non-profit organizations, these are your people too.

Come and meet your people.

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