The Enterprise Video Journey: Define Your Oz

My colleague Greg Allen started us off on this video journey with his blog Don’t Walk Alone – Developing an Enterprise Video Communications Community.   Then I piled on with Continuing the Enterprise Video Communications Journey – Making the Right Friends Along the Way.  Now that you know where to look for connections and have an idea about who you want to walk with you on your great video journey, it’s time to take the next step: defining your Oz.

For Dorothy, Oz was where all her problems would be solved, and she could go home again.  In the enterprise, I think Oz is more about creating a place where people have a common understanding of the goal and agree to the same rules to get there.  For our journey, I propose that our Oz becomes “creating a Video Center of Excellence in your company.” Now we can think about drawing the map to get there.

The thing about a map; you have a starting point and an ending point, and you consult the map often to make sure you are headed in the right direction.  Even if you are starting at the very beginning, your ending point is an ideal: your VCoE becomes the respected expert in video production, governance and distribution.  Begin with the intention to have a seat at the table for communication strategy and execution involving video.

Sorry to say, there’s no GPS in the Land of Video Oz, but there is this blog. Stay with us; we’ll help you map out your journey and understand the key milestones along the way.

Four lane highway on the route to success

Let’s transform our Yellow Brick road into a highway, and plot our map with four lanes, all going in the same direction towards the establishment of the Video CoE.  Just like a highway, the traffic will move at different speeds and you’ll need to plan for the toll lanes and unexpected roadblocks.  For our example we’ll use these four lanes:

  • Team Strategy
  • Information Technology
  • Video Equipment
  • Use Cases

Before we go any further, let’s think about the Center of Excellence concept for a minute and understand why it’s critically important.  Today, anybody can shoot video; GoPro and smartphones can generate and deliver high quality video instantly to anywhere in the world that’s connected to the Internet.  That “instant video” idea may be part of your overall strategy, but you know there must be structure around the use of video in Corporate Communications, and you also understand it’s bigger than just being “the video department”.

Why a Video Center of Excellence

The Video Center of Excellence is the home of your video communication strategy; it’s the heart of your brand, the soul of your story delivered through video.  Through your Video CoE you create and communicate the guidelines and examples of “what’s good” so that every video effort has that touchstone to ground with. This is how you provide expert consulting, video traffic control for your viewers and consistent expectations for video in your company’s storytelling efforts.

Our blog series on mapping your video journey will work through each lane to help you identify the traffic in each lane, the expectations for how fast certain lanes can go, and how to signal each other if a lane change is needed on your way to establishing your Video CoE.

This blog series is based on our tip sheet: 8 ways to build trust and transparency in your organization, download that today to get your enterprise video strategy off to the right start.


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