Your Guide to Employee Generated Video

Employee engagement is now made easier thanks to trustworthy and consistent online video platforms which enable businesses to further strengthen their employer-employee ties through the use of Employee Generated Video (EGV).

Multimedia video can be seen everywhere – it has taken over our homes, our streets and even our enterprises. As an easy way to connect with thousands of global audiences on any gadget or device, businesses use it for their webinar, webcasts and even for their meetings; it enables them to unite with their employees, especially the millennials or what can be termed as “The YouTube Generation”. Not only is it fast and reliable, it is also the best way to connect and engage with employees, wherever they may be.

EGV – Employee Generated Video

Companies invite their employees to upload video content onto their online network; this can then be used for knowledge sharing and announcements. Aside from information dissemination, employees can also produce how-to videos for new recruits, online presentations, webinars and webcasts or even their own video diaries.

EGV aids in the creation of a culture that is rooted from learning and communication. Colleagues are able to teach other colleagues and leaders are able to connect more with their team members. Aside from educating one another, the use of EGV can also help to motivate employees in ways that they have never been before. Employee Generated Video has the ability to unite the smallest and even the largest of enterprises.

EGV is a Great Option to Reinforce Internal Communications and Employee Engagement

As an example, in 2006 Pfizer used EGV to their advantage by implementing it on their global transformation program. They selected ten of their employees and gave each of them a camera. Their task was simple: to record video diaries, telling their stories over the course of the company’s transformation. The campaign became a huge success and it helped to make many employees feel totally engaged, while allowing them to adapt well to the changes.

IBM also experienced the same effect when they enabled their EGV. Less than .01 percent of the staff produced their own videos when it first came out but within a month of launching content, the videos were shared internally 4,800 times, accumulating more than 3,000 comments.

Employees creating content for their fellow employees is as human as it gets. Not only is it fun and exciting, it is also totally genuine. Giving employees the chance to showcase their talents and expertise, while amplify collaboration EGV is without doubt a truly powerful tool.

Get Employees to Upload Their Own Videos

Companies must support and guide them through every step of the way. Providing the instructions on how to use the company’s online video platform is a great way to start. You can also make an instructional video that explains how easy it is to produce a corporate video.

Promote your online video platform by sending newsletters, using the corporate intranet or even plugging it in during a meeting. Another great way to implement EGV is to hold a contest; you can ask questions regarding the company and compile a montage out of everyone’s video contributions.

Some companies may think this is not effective, since only a number of employees participate and upload content but engaging doesn’t stop there. Sharing and commenting on these videos is another way to boost the social interaction. The most convenient way to get your employees to create their content is through a proper video platform.

MediaCenter is a cloud-based video portal that is ultra-fast, safe to use and user-friendly. It has been designed to be totally customisable and brandable, so you can upload your company’s branding, unique banners and custom CSS. It also gives you the freedom to set up multiple homepages and create nested channels with just a few clicks. The video portal has a responsive user interface that can be accessed via any web browser on any mobile device, plus it features social media integrations for a totally unique and immersive experience!



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