Is Your Live Video Program Faltering? Discover How to Relaunch for Success

When your live video initiatives suffer setbacks—whether from hardware trouble, livestream problems or lack of resources—regaining the trust of employees and executives can be a challenge. But given all the benefits that video offers organizations, it’s an effort worth pursuing.

That’s why we recently released a new whitepaper, You Only Get One Second Chance: 6 Real World Fixes for Failed Enterprise Video. This report relies on the deep experience of our technical and livestream production experts to uncover the historic challenges plaguing enterprise video and how organizations can remedy them.

The main message for corporate communications and in-house production teams: It’s possible to relaunch a struggling enterprise video program. The key is understanding the pitfalls and creating a strategy that tees your organization up for livestream success.

Why livestreams go wrong

In an ideal world, every livestream would be seamlessly delivered to your company’s employees around the globe. No buffering. No connection issues. Just connected employees easily engaging with the corporate leadership. If that’s been your experience, great work.

If not—don’t worry. The ideal is possible. But first you have to determine what’s been at the root of your troubles. There’s certainly some common issues to consider, including:

  • A lack of bandwidth

  • Equipment and encoder problems

  • Individual access issues

  • Human errors

The whitepaper examines each of these in detail, and also provides some straightforward fixes that reduce the risk of livestream failure.

Get back on track

Once you’ve determined what went wrong, then you can focus on how to do video right. Our livestream experts identified six best practices for launching—or relaunching—your enterprise video initiatives. Their guidance includes:

  • 1. Cultivate business and IT champions

  • 2. Proactively engage video stakeholders

  • 3. Understand your full network topology

  • 4. Take time to test

  • 5. Re-tell your video story

  • 6. Analyze and improve


You Only Have One Second Chance at Enterprise Video

Live video for the enterprise remains a powerful and increasingly indispensable tool. Download the white paper to learn more about how to implement each of these best practices and ultimately cultivate a reliable, successful enterprise video program.

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