Kollective, a leading cloud-based software defined networking company, has announced strong momentum driven by substantial demand for its Kollective Software Defined Enterprise Content Delivery network (SD ECDN) and video solutions. To better address these market opportunities in both video and network solutions Kollective has rebranded Kontiki to focus squarely on video with the Kontiki Enterprise Video Platform, while Kollective will become the official company name and will focus on IT specific solutions, including several new products this year.

“It’s clear that the biggest companies in the world are seeking smarter solutions to the challenges of enterprise content delivery and video at scale, and software defined solutions are rapidly becoming the new standards,” said Kollective CEO, Dan Vetras. “Between our focus on video and solving network challenges we’re in two categories that are seeing explosive growth.”

Key Accomplishments in the past 12 months:

  • The year finished with a record number of new customers. Kollective now has over 2.4 million enterprise subscribers in the many of the world’s most prominent brands.
  • Video on demand usage across the Kollective install base was up an astonishing 60% year-over- year, while live usage was up by 65%, driven by multiple 10,000+ user events.
  • Microsoft SharePoint continues to be a key environment for launching enterprise video. 1.1 million of the 2.4 million Kollective SD ECDN users accessed the SD ECDN via Kontiki for SharePoint.
  • Kollective has continued international expansion with the opening of a new office in Asia to address the unique network challenges of companies in the region. Asian operations have expanded beyond India and Singapore to now include China, Korea and Japan.

New Solutions Capitalize on Technical Strength

Kollective is also announcing a new IT-focused solutions that leverage Kollective patented technology, but go beyond video: The Kollective Network Readiness Test. “Our technology is extremely mature with years of experience running on millions of enterprise desktops. Our customers are already finding ways to use it besides video, now we’re introducing solutions specifically to address that need.” said Rob Nunest, VP Marketing at Kollective.

Kollective Network Readiness Test: Ready or Not?

Kollective is making available today a new solution called the Kollective Network Readiness Test. This service will leverage the Kollective SD ECDN edge presence, and will test the preparedness of an entire enterprise network, or segments of that network, to support specific high-bandwidth activities, like video streaming at a range of bit rates, massive file delivery and various forms of unified communications. Network testing can accurately measure performance all the way down to a specific office or end-user device.

About Kollective

Kollective Technology Inc. is a leading cloud-based software company utilizing the power of software-defined networking to bring immediate value to the enterprise IT organization. From its Kollective Software Defined Enterprise Content Delivery Network that powers over millions of enterprise desktops to edge-related tools for IT like network readiness testing, software delivery and network analytics, Kollective drives a powerful ROI and makes the flexibility of software defined networking a reality.

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