Microsoft Inspire Wrap Up: Welcome to the Modern Desktop

Last week our team traveled to Las Vegas to attend Inspire 2018, Microsoft’s annual conference for its partner community. The event lived up to its name, providing inspiration to thousands of our fellow Microsoft partners as company leaders and product managers discussed upcoming initiatives and how partners like Kollective can play a role. Here are a few of our top takeaways.

All in on the Intelligent Edge

Judson Althoff spoke about Microsoft’s progress in powering the Intelligent Edge. Using the intelligent cloud, Microsoft technologies are poised to deliver a seamless experience wherever a user lives, no matter how far on the edge they may be.

Video comes to the office

As we already mentioned, Microsoft is making a large push into live video and VOD by incorporating intelligent event capabilities into Microsoft 365. With the power and ubiquity of Microsoft, this promises to put live, large-scale video capabilities in reach of every enterprise and further establish video as a critical business tool.

Security is a priority

A lot of time was spent discussing Microsoft’s plans for making Windows 10 the most secure operating system possible. By closing the vulnerability gap between threat detection and patch deployment, Windows 10 has the potential to significantly reduce the massive financial damage and business chaos cyberattacks have recently caused.  

The race is on

Speaking of Windows 10, the new OS was the obvious star of the show. A major focus was on helping partners understand what will be involved in delivering migration strategies to Microsoft customers. Microsoft senior product manager Jon Mounder also spoke about the importance of having a peer-to-peer solution to help deliver Windows 10’s monthly updates. Watch Jon’s presentation about Windows 10 deployment and management here.

The future is now

As one of only three ECDN providers that Microsoft partners with, Kollective can help you make the most out Microsoft’s push into network-intensive capabilities like live video and Windows as a Service. Learn more about our Microsoft solutions.


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