North America Customer Council Wrap – Why We Do Video #WWDV2018

Video is essential for enterprise communications and our recent experiences at North American Customer Council reinforced that sentiment. Council is a customer user group and an opportunity for our customers to hear what is happening with Kollective.

More importantly it is a great place for them to learn from each other. As I watched customer panels, listened to our guest speaker and participated in the exchange of ideas and solutions, I realized that there is no better way to inspire than to connect with your peers outside of your organization. Over our three days together, these are the consistent themes that I noticed:

Video makes communication easier 

65% of communication is nonverbal, and video is the communication medium that can bring all verbal and nonverbal into a solitary view. Being able to communicate to employees in a compelling, honest and clear medium can make the difference between a well-executed vision and a misaligned workforce. And, with today’s pace of work, being able to keep employees at global enterprises aligned toward a common vision requires clear and consistent communication. Our customers are facilitating communications around M&A activity, strategic change, crisis communications, and regular business updates. Pairing live updates with recorded (on-demand) content assures that all employees are getting the same message and headed in the same direction.  




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Our customers are pioneers

As many of our readers know, we’ve been at this video thing since 2001. Video is hard and there are so many things that can go wrong. A few customers commented “I don’t know why we do this to ourselves.” But they do and they continue to be successful. Many of them have hosted company-wide live streaming town halls for five or more years. They’ve seen the value in the form of travel savings, higher customer engagement and a communication culture that’s video led. Each time our customers do an event, they learn, improve and optimize. And they’re doing more and more every month. Their video events continue to inspire, engage and add value to their communications strategy. It was inspiring to sit amongst them and hear their stories, successes and learnings. You could taste the inspiration in the room.

Digital Transformation is indeed a thing

As our customers are some of the largest enterprises in the world, their adoption of digital transformation is an important part of their success. And, as with any change, this requires communication and the right tools to help achieve that change quickly and reliably. This change puts pressure on the network. No matter what kind of data it is, it must move fast, and the network and bandwidth can’t get in the way. And, with Kollective’s smart peering technology, no matter what kind of data our customers are trying to move across their network, they can rest assured it isn’t eating up bandwidth, and the data isn’t getting stuck. I can’t thank everyone enough for taking time to participate in Council. It is amazing to spend time with this group and I look forward to our upcoming European Customer Council in October!

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