MMS Preview: The Right Strategy for WaaS Distribution

The Midwest Management Summit (MMS) is right around the corner, and with it the chance to meet with the top systems management professionals in the country. As digital transformation continues to take hold, it’s people like these who will be propelling their entire global enterprise to new technical heights.

As we prepare to attend and present at MMS 2018, we’ve been thinking a lot about how the ability of any organization to undergo digital transformation will depend on people like the attendees at MMS. The more you can empower your systems management professionals, the more you can accelerate change for the entire organization.

Something your team and your leadership should keep in mind is that digital transformation can quickly become business disruption if new tools are misapplied. Windows as a Service (WaaS) is going to provide the greatest example this challenge. While WaaS brings new features, better performance and increased security to the table, our friends attending MMS will be the first to tell you these benefits will come at a cost: more demand on the network.

WaaS is going to require frequent linear updates, with updates coming in monthly and taking up 1GB or more per workstation. Multiply that 12+ GBs per workstation, per year, by the tens of thousands of workstations spread throughout your global enterprise and you can see how you’ll soon be faced with bandwidth demands your network wasn’t built for.

These requirements will form network competition between standard updates, critical security patches and the rest of your network traffic. You don’t want to have to pick and choose; they’re all equally critical to your business.

Short of conducting a mega dollar network upgrade, there are things that can be done to get the most out of the network you already have. Software defined network acceleration, in particular, holds the most promise. This peering solution harvests WAN bandwidth and leverages the horsepower of your workstations to offload more than 90% of WAN network traffic. Moreover, it can throttle demand by content type to ensure critical content like live video or security patching is prioritized to quickly get to even the furthest reaches of the network.  

The potential of WaaS is that it will put your entire global enterprise on equal footing, working with the same exact software version. Instead of worrying about exceptions from workstation to workstation, people can just work. This transformation will turn IT from technical support to one of the primary drivers of business performance, while at the same time making every single workstation as secure as possible against threats like malware. Without a doubt, this is a great time to be a systems management professional.

At MMS we’ll be discussing how IT leaders use software defined acceleration to keep pace with WaaS updates, meet their SLAs, free up bandwidth, and deliver the latest features of WaaS to your entire global footprint. We look forward to sharing more with you there!

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