Operating System Deployment

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An operating system (OS) migration is never easy. With the transition to Windows as a Service, companies will have to conduct the equivalent of a major OS migration twice a year and large monthly updates. The Kollective platform accelerates the distribution of large software packages to millions of endpoints across global locations without compromising the performance of your network.

Increased Simplicity and savings

Conventional software distribution points weren’t built for the strain WaaS puts on your network. Our cloud-based platform turns every PC into a distribution point, helping you quickly deploy and manage operating system updates and critical applications at scale.

Drastically Shorter deployment timelines

Support for Windows 7 ends in 2020. To make the switch to Windows 10 in time and to maintain WaaS, companies will need a faster, more scalable solution. Complete SCCM integration lets you quickly distribute Windows as a Service and its regular updates across your global network in just days without compromising business critical apps and performance.

Automation and AI

Upgrading your end-points can be tedious. Upgrading tens of thousands of end points across your global network can be a nightmare. Our automated software learns and adapts to your network’s topography to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

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Kollective Software Solution Features

Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)

 Our integration with SCCM lets you quickly distribute patches across your global network without impacting your network.

Powerful analytics

Be sure your network is secure with analytics reports outlining patch delivery metrics and network performance.

Smart peering technology

Peer to peer network architecture delivers patches to the edge of your network without compromising your bandwidth.


Automated and adaptive

Our smart software is always learning about your overall network topology, automatically adjusting to deliver patches using the fastest path.

The Kollective Platform

A new era of file delivery.

Our platform is easy to deploy, maintain and scale reducing the impact on your network and your budget. From smart peering, network intelligence, cloud delivery, and world class integrations we make sure your files land at the edge of your network faster.

Kollective Network Solutions

We make networks smarter

From live webcasting your CEOs big speech, to deploying critical software patches before the next attack, there's no room for error. Our Platform helps remote employees feel more connected and keeps your network secure without burdening your bandwidth.