Software Distribution

Microsoft is changing the way you will receive platform updates with Windows as a Service (WaaS).


How WaaS Is Changing Your World

Windows 10 – As Windows as a Service becomes the upgrade path for Windows 10 going forward, your enterprise must not only migrate to Windows 10 but also ensure your Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) infrastructure can support the accelerated pace of ongoing feature updates and critical patches.

SCCM Acceleration – Going forward, your SCCM infrastructure will need to deploy 1GB monthly patch updates and over 4GB semi-annual feature updates.

Timely Security Releases – Network security is wholly dependent on the timeliness of security updates and patches. Immediately deploying critical patches across your enterprise can be the difference between security and vulnerability.


Why the “Power of the Peer” is Critical

Speed – By distributing software updates amongst themselves, peers are no longer tied to bottleneck distribution points for receiving content payloads and initiating their upgrade sequence.

Efficiency – Peer-assisted content delivery exponentially decreases the bandwidth load on your network. The greater the number of peers across a complex distributed enterprise, the more efficient content delivery becomes compared to legacy hardware based WAN optimization solutions.

Cost – Peer-assisted technology leverages the combined computing power of existing PC’s to reach cohorts throughout the enterprise. Total cost of ownership goes down with the elimination of distribution point hardware and their associated operational resources and overhead.


Why Kollective for Software Distribution

Agent Topology Awareness – Kollective’s SD ECDN understands the overall network topology, giving administrators a top down control and configuration capabilities to address all unique network implementations.

Network Efficiency – Run-time self-optimizing technology delivers up to 99% peering efficiency across the delivery network.

Cloud Technology – Kollective’s unique positioning as a completely cloud-based solution, eliminates the cost and overhead associated with appliance-based distribution models.

Single Platform Across Multiple Use Cases – Kollective’s SD ECDN platform future proofs customers for other bandwidth-intensive content distribution use cases such as video. With Kollective, customers leverage a single investment to address the most critical content delivery challenges across their global enterprise.


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