Video Distribution

Video has become the go-to communications tool in the enterprise today. It’s the most versatile, authentic form of communication there is, when meeting in person isn’t possible.

High-Quality Video, Enterprise-Wide Reach

Achieve Celebrity – Video has become the go-to communications tool in the enterprise today. It’s the most versatile, authentic form of communication there is, when meeting in person isn’t possible. And it reminds us that people and relationships form the basis of all we do.

Bring People Together – Kollective’s software-based delivery infrastructure, the SD ECDN, lets you expand live webcasting or video on demand to all your employees no matter where they are in the world, with no impact to your network. The result? A more engaged, informed and unified workforce.

Peer-Assisted Video Distribution

Cloud-based – Cloud-based video distribution streamlines the flow of content through your network by providing massive bandwidth savings. The cloud-based solution works with a small client on existing user PC’s to ensure all end-users receive an uninterrupted, quality message.

Reduced Overhead – Peer-assisted distribution utilizes your existing network infrastructure without the need for distributed appliances and with a greatly reduced impact on the wide area network. One copy of a content or stream is delivered into each office location regardless of the number of users requesting it.

Eliminate Quality Issues – Dynamic assignment of the hosting peer means that you no longer have one appliance to depend on, you have an office full of PC’s that assume the role of distribution agent should anything challenge your video experience.

Kollective Expansive Video Uses

All-hands Meetings – No matter how large or how spread out your employee base may be, Kollective SD ECDN technology lets you create shared experiences through simultaneous, real-time broadcasts.

Division Broadcasts – Use live video broadcasting on a division-wide basis as an effective means of communicating departmental goals to far-flung teams.

Enterprise Portals – Share ideas with a hub of employee-generated videos that push the envelope on innovation and digital transformation.

Online Training and Education – Communicate company policies and benefits. Build a video knowledge base that helps attract and retain top talent. Bring employees up to speed faster.

Powering Best-in-Class Video Applications

Kollective takes cost, time and guess work out of the equation with field-tested partnerships that form a comprehensive enterprise video solution. These include:

MediaCenter – Easily create impactful branded enterprise video experiences with MediaCenter – Learn More

Webcaster – Broadcast live executive events, seminars, and meetings to tens of thousands of employees – Learn More

On24 – Webinar-based marketing solutions that drive demand generation and customer engagement

Panopto – Video platform for live streaming, recording, managing and sharing video across the organization

INXPO – Enterprise video experiences for webcasts, online events and video portals

Custom Analytics

Kollective offers complex analytics capabilities around Live Metrics, Portal Usage and backend Network Performance in the delivery of your high-value assets.

Visualize – the ability to mine and visualize your video data

Holistic– data collection to analyze viewer behavior and network performance

Real-time – visibility into what is happening now

Historical Trending – analysis to set baselines and drive engagement

Ad-Hoc Discovery Tools – tools to create custom reports in short order

Drag & Drop Analysis – intuitive dashboard management

Custom Visualizations & Dashboards – experiment with different dashboards and displays for impact

Scheduled Report Delivery – find out without having to remember



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