Deliver 100% Video Quality and 100% ENGAGEMENT at 1% of the Bandwidth

Ensure an unmatched user experience for Teams Live Events


Microsoft Teams offers the latest tools and technology to maximize employee productivity, engagement and communication within the modern workplace. Kollective takes that a step further to give you an unmatched user experience with Teams Live Events for your entire organization for enterprise-wide broadcasts.

Kollective’s integration ensures your broadcasts will be delivered to where it needs to be.


Communication based culture, with greater trust and transparency to connect leadership with the entire organization.


Enabling teams to have purpose, alignment and greater inclusion to achieve company vision.


Faster time to market through efficient training, team collaboration, creation of new ideas and employee empowerment.


Create a high-quality user experience for Microsoft Teams in the entire organization, communicating to all employees regardless of their location or bandwidth.

Achieve greater network efficiency by utilizing your existing network to deliver high-quality video through Microsoft Teams without purchasing additional bandwidth, hardware or jeopardizing core business applications.

Gain real time visibility and insights on your network performance and user engagement at every endpoint across your organization.

Without Kollective

  • Large, simultaneous, video streams sent inefficiently across the network using critical bandwidth
  • Constant buffering
  • Risk of impacting critical systems and applications that require bandwidth
  • Content often doesn’t reach remote offices due to bandwidth issues
  • Poor user experience

With Kollective

  • Broadcast your corporate message to the entire organization
  • 99% less network congestion from efficient content delivery
  • No impact on bandwidth or core systems
  • Real-time visibility and insights
  • Software-defined network and no need to maintain hardware distribution points
  • Superior user experience
  • Executives successful in achieving the goals and objectives of the event

Guidance & Support to Ensure Success

Kollective’s Enterprise Video Services (EVS) and Support teams have guided clients through thousands of live video events. Their extensive experience and hands-on support during all three phases of live video events provides greater confidence your communications will be successful.

Preparation  >>>

  • Video message strategy
  • Define roles & responsibilities
  • Production requirements
  • Location, audience & budget
  • Set look & feel
  • Equipment configuration & settings
  • Content readiness testing
  • Network readiness testing
  • Contingency Planning

Execution  >>>

  • Setup & testing day
  • Video & audio review
  • On-camera coaching
  • On-site broadcast support
  • Remote technical support 

Post Event Analysis

  • Review post event analytics
  • Analyze process & execution
  • Operationalizing
  • Driving greater adoption
  • Increase viewership
  • Metrics & KPIs

The World’s Largest Brands Trust Kollective

The world’s largest brands use Kollective to deliver their message and create a corporate culture based on open communication.