Our video ecosystem has solved your video challenges.

Our Webcaster and MediaCenter, plus a suite of other leading webcasting, media portal and learning management system partners give you the choices you need for your video communication tools. Kollective SD ECDN provides the video delivery solution, along with our deep engagement analytics and powerful video ecosystem partners. Our video ecosystem solves your problems associated with town hall meetings, online training and digital signage.

Through the Kollective Konnector, we’ve even created a seamless link between our SD ECDN and your video conferencing systems to enable you to confidently broadcast to your global workforce.

The Kollective video ecosystem allows you to reach and engage your employees with flawless live broadcasts and video on demand, and a mobile-friendly video portal through our true end-to-end all-software cloud-based solution.

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We’ve created the most sophisticated delivery network in the world in order to help you engage and align your workforce through live and video on demand.

The world’s largest companies trust Kollective’s Software Defined ECDN to solve their video delivery challenges.

Our Delivery Solution




Our intuitive webcasting interface allows you to broadcast unlimited live events, seminars, and meetings to tens of thousands of employees around the globe, for one low price. Ask your participants questions, get live feedback, conduct polls, and get instant insights about your audience.

Deliver Flawless Live Broadcasts

Live Broadcast


Our video portal allows you to create customized and branded enterprise video experiences that engage your employees. It’s easy to setup and even allows you to create video directly from mobile devices. MediaCenter is a cloud-based video portal built on enterprise-class security.

Engage Your Workforce


Our intuitive analytics dashboard enables you to quantify the reach and success of your video delivery, giving you confidence that your message is being delivered to all your employees.

Deep Engagement Analytics

Examples of uses cases enabled by our video communication tools and delivery solutions.

Town Hall Meetings

These live, one-to-many meetings are useful for communicating to a broad audience, such as a CEO “all hands” event or a sales manager outlining objectives for the year to remote teams.

Digital Signage

Digital signage involves the use of fixed digital displays in public or common areas to present various kinds of multimedia content, including video.

In-Room Video Conferencing

Typically limited to one-to-one or few-to-few, Kollective Konnector enables video conferencing equipment to become the enabler for few-to-many video broadcasting originating from video conferencing solutions.

Online Training and Education

These videos could be live or on-demand and run the gamut from human resources communicating company policies and benefits for new employees to an educational institution offering an online course.


Kollective Konnector links Unified Communications in-room video conferencing systems with the Kollective SD ECDN to do live broadcast video conferences to your entire global workforce.

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Kollective SD ECDN integrates with leading webcasting, media portal and learning management system partners and is highly extensible through a robust API built to industry standards for speed and security.

Video Ecosystem Partners

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Finally, video delivery is now a solvable problem.

With Kollective’s Software Defined ECDN, you can reliably deliver live and video on demand securely and at scale without impacting your network.

It’s an intelligent software overlay on top of your existing network infrastructure.

Video Delivery