End-to-end test gives actionable insights for network configuration to guarantee the performance of live video broadcasts when it matters

Oregon, USA, 29 March 2017: Kollective, a leading software-defined content delivery network company, today announces its new and improved Network Readiness Test (NRT), enabling enterprises to determine the performance of video streams across the network before being broadcast live to viewers. Using the Kollective NRT data, informed network configuration decisions can be actioned to give complete confidence that the optimum viewing experience will be achieved when a critical broadcast goes live.

Available in collaboration with Microsoft Azure and Skype Meeting Broadcast, Kollective’s Network Readiness Test is ideal for situations where businesses are preparing for large-scale international events that must work first time, such as major corporate announcements or company-wide broadcasts.

Kollective NRT runs a live video event in the background, without impacting the end user, to gain a realistic view of how the entire network performs as a broadcast cascades all the way to the edge. The test uncovers any infrastructure issues that are impacting the delivery of the video content so they can be addressed and remedied.

The NRT can be launched in a matter of hours, ensuring IT teams can respond rapidly to business demands and test and fine-tune the network for events on relatively short order. Tests can leverage a rich set of options, testing real-life scenarios to determine the optimal configuration for each individual location.

Todd Johnson, President of Kollective, said: “The new Kollective Network Readiness Test is designed for those events that absolutely have to be right first time. Many organizations think they know their network and across 80-90% of it they can manage a good outcome for video broadcasts. But remote offices with poor connectivity and locations at the edge of the network throw up unique circumstances and that needs a unique approach to configuration.

“Kollective NRT gives enterprises the insights they need to understand the critical 10-20% of the network that is problematic. Our unique insights ensure IT teams can take an intelligent approach to configure the behavior of their grid to suit their specific business requirements, which a client simply can’t do. Both IT managers and business leaders gain complete peace of mind that live streaming content will be delivered with the optimum viewing experience to every employee.”

To find out more about Kollective’s enterprise video offering and Network Readiness Test, visit https://kollective.com/kollective-software-defined-ecdn/kollective-enterprise-network-testing/.

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