By Kevin Crayton – VP of Product Management

When deploying an enterprise video platform, businesses can easily fall into one of the pitfalls that come alongside the technology. Video, while capable of offering major benefits to organizations, also is a challenging technology to deploy. However, the right solutions can resolve technical and operational problems, as video distribution solutions have matured to the point that they can generally deal with just about any issue that the technology may have.

There are a few problems that are common when deploying an enterprise video plan, but a couple of issues stand out.

Getting started

Figuring out the best way to take the first steps into a video program is an area fraught with risks. If you skip a few key steps in the early stages of video deployment, you could end up with cracks in the foundation of the platform, leading to problems later. Before getting started with any technological deployment, organizations have to begin with evaluation. You have to understand how much bandwidth your network has, how much is regularly used and periods where spikes are common. This knowledge will guide your video deployment by providing insight into what kinds of delivery technologies you will need to handle data throughput demands.

Once you’ve evaluated the technical landscape, you should also look into what kind of demand there is among users. It is also wise to figure out the day-to-day processes of employees to make sure video is deployed in such a way that fits within workers’ schedules. These basic planning procedures will help inform the video program and make it easier to get started when actually finding a technological partner and deploying a new solution.

Dealing with the WAN

In many cases, organizations deploying video solely within their LAN do not have much trouble getting content to end users. But they do tend to experiences major issues once the solution spreads to branch offices connected by the WAN.

Solving WAN distribution issues is not as simple as turning to a WAN optimization platform, as the bandwidth problems are too deep to be solved with the broad technology. Instead, businesses have to turn to video-specific distribution platforms. Such measures establish a solid delivery foundation within the network, making it much easier to deal with WAN challenges.

– Kevin