Businesses can now offer larger and greater reach and engagement using the integrated Kollective solution. Kollective for SharePoint provides and integrates high quality live and on demand video across the extended enterprise, which deepens business collaboration.

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With just a few clicks, publishers can easily add business videos or filmstrips to any page without acquiring any technical skills. Also offering a wide range of designs and layouts that business video publishers can choose from, the Kollective Cloud guarantees dependable video streaming at low cost, without additional hardware.

How Kollective Video Web Parts for SharePoint Works

Kollective offers several options for incorporating Kollective’s award winning video delivery technology into third party environments:

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1.Kollective Video Uploader for SharePoint

Kollective Video Uploader allows videos to be uploaded directly from any number of current websites or web-based assets. Employees are allowed to upload videos straight from SharePoint pages and Kollective Enterprise Video Suite. Users will be able to do the following using the Kollective Video Uploader for SharePoint:

  • Look through files and upload them
  • Provide important video details (titles, descriptions, thumbnails and subtitles)
  • Allocate videos to specific channels
  • Enhance owner tags
  • Customise security properties for users who can view videos
  • Support social features (rating, comments, sharing and user tags)
  • Set the date/time for the accessibility of video
  • Add interconnected links

2.Kollective Video Player for SharePoint

The video player can be added to any SharePoint page. It has a multitude of optional features that are configurable via the Kollective Video Player Designer. It contains standard playback controls, including social elements such as ratings, user comments and related links.

3.Kollective Video Player Designer for SharePoint

The Kollective Video Player Designer produces custom Kollective Video Players and thousands of possible configurations to fit any portal environment.

Administrators are allowed to modify the Kollective Video Player Designer for SharePoint, depending on their needs. Its properties include:

  • Filmstrip Search – administrators can choose and categorise items on filmstrip
  • Filmstrip Presentation – administrators can set filmstrip animation. Videos can be selected by channel, custom-built lists or tags. Users can also choose between horizontal and vertical orientations
  • Video Elements – administrators can choose which Video Player elements to display
  • Styling – it can be designed to play within the SharePoint page or in a pop-up player window

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4.Kollective Metadata Editor for SharePoint

The Kollective Metadata Editor for SharePoint allows administrators to edit video content metadata. This can be done for particular videos or for sets of videos. Its functions include:

  • Using powerful search features, administrators can find videos and edit all video metadata (titles, descriptions, channels, tags, availability dates and more)
  • Administrators can also take out videos using the Kollective Metadata Editor for SharePoint

Kollective Video Web Parts for SharePoint is an accurate end-to-end video platform that involves and supports your workforce; the administrators have the over-all control over these web parts, regulating how they appear and behave within SharePoint. Administrators can install any of the Kollective Video Web Parts for SharePoint to allow employees to manage, upload and watch enterprise videos.