By Kevin Crayton – VP of Product Management

When you deploy an enterprise video program, you may have to make a strategic network upgrade to support the bandwidth requirements created by the technology. Not every company that invests in video needs such an investment, but video presents unique challenges to an enterprise network, creating an environment in which many companies have to adjust the infrastructure to support video.

There are a few key steps that need to be followed to make the upgrade successful.

Figure out what you need

The first thing to do is get a broad idea of the network needs you want to meet. This involves knowing the role you want video to play in the company, how much approximate bandwidth, is needed and how much bandwidth you have available. Once you know this basic starting information, you have the foundation you need to move on.

Research vendors

With a basic idea of what you need, start talking to enterprise video platform vendors about what you need to make a successful upgrade. It is key to have a rough concept of what you need the program to do before finding a solutions provider, but deeper analysis is also necessary after you have an idea of what vendors can offer.

Perform deep network analysis

Now that you know what vendor you will work with, and what the provider can offer, you need to closely analyze your network and choose the specific solution that will be best suited for your needs. While this step can be performed before choosing a vendor, it is often better to choose the provider first so you have a general idea of the solutions that are available.

Make the final vendor selection

Since you know your network well and understand the broad solutions available, you can more intelligently choose a specific vendor and delivery method to meet operational needs. Working with the provider to install the system effectively and configure is also key.

Test the solution

At this point, you’ve done the research you need to figure out what the network requirements are for your video program and you’ve found what seems to be the right solution. It may be tempting to just turn it on and get things going, but the network can behave unpredictably. You are usually better off testing the solution on a small scale before deploying the program throughout the organization.