Businesses are increasingly investing in internal video solutions for employee training, communications and other similar purposes, but finding that networking limitations are making it difficult to make the most of video’s benefits.

The natural response to this problem is to add more bandwidth to the network. However, this is one of those instances where the seemingly logical action is flawed. Internal video systems require so much bandwidth that they will pretty much use whatever the business gives them, rendering a basic upgrade useless.

Instead of adding bandwidth, businesses can use enterprise content delivery network platforms and other similar systems. These solutions are designed to optimize the bandwidth that is available for video. As a result, the network can operate smoothly and transmit internal video freely without having to add more data throughput capacity because the space that is there is being used at peak efficiency.

This type of upgrade is essential when dealing with internal enterprise video strategies, as poor connectivity can severely limit the technology’s benefits. Many experts agree that users unable to stream video content at a high quality without disruption will quickly ignore the content, undoing the company’s investment.