By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

Businesses worry about a variety of factors when implementing enterprise video solutions, but their bandwidth should be the primary concern. According to, the first thing any company should check before adopting an enterprise video platform is its bandwidth capabilities. Many businesses may find that their network infrastructure can’t handle large scale video deployment. If multiple employees watching video slows down the overall performance of the network, then another solution is needed.

While an office may have high upload and download speeds now, video can be incredibly bandwidth​-intensive and create a bottleneck in the system. During live webcasting, another employee could start downloading a large training video and significantly impact output levels for the meeting broadcast, according to the news source. This wouldn’t only affect the internal network, but also the performance of video for remote workers viewing said meeting.

The answer to bandwidth issues is a dedicated enterprise content delivery network (ECDN). By investing in an ECDN, a business will be able to eliminate bandwidth issues entirely and focus on providing quality content, rather than upgrading its network infrastructure. Video content delivery depends on an uninterrupted connection and plenty of bandwidth to handle the data transfer, and a dedicated ECDN can reliably meet these needs.

Ultimately, the various other factors of business video, such as lighting, audio quality, scripting, having the right camera and more are also important, but none hold a candle to how critical bandwidth support is. Without the network infrastructure to support high-quality video upload and playback, it doesn’t matter how much a company invests in its enterprise video platform – it will nonetheless be unlikely to succeed. Rather that waste that investment, a business should focus some of it on the infrastructure instead.