When starting a new business, most entrepreneurs put a lot of thought into gaining capital, making the right connections with investors and potential clients and, securing a home base. But according to a recent Birmingham Business Journal report, few corporate leaders developing initial strategies think about the amount of bandwidth the company will need, an oversight that can create major problems.

Whether a startup or an established organization developing strategic goals in response to changing market conditions, bandwidth needs are an important consideration.

The news source explained that businesses now rely much more on internet services than they would have just a few years ago. For the most part, voice communications no longer travel through traditional phone lines and are instead transmitted through the same network systems used for data. At the same time, video streaming is replacing many face-to-face meetings, pushing more companies to consider enterprise video needs as part of their bandwidth requirements.

John Little, executive vice president and chief technology officer of Venture Technologies, told the news source that many businesses that experience poor performance when using voice or video solutions do so because they are having to contend with dropped data packets, which are caused by networks that do not have enough bandwidth to deal with the content being sent through them.

While the report focuses on choosing the right internet provider as a means of getting the bandwidth needed, that is often not the best option for organizations developing internal video solutions. The challenge, when dealing with video, is that the data packets are sometimes so large that they can easily overwhelm the network unless supported by specialized solutions. The right video-specific network upgrade can enable corporations to gain the considerable benefits that come from an internal video program.