A company’s IT department holds the unique power of being able to prepare it for the future. The work done within the network infrastructure directly translates to a business’ success.

Recently, International Data Corporation classified businesses into four different groups in a survey – future creators, future focused, future aware and current focused. The findings will force you to rethink your operational standards in light of the success future creator organizations have over the competition.

What is a future creator

Future creators are companies that are on the front lines of technological advancements. According to the IDC survey, just 18 percent of companies fall in this category. They are defined as businesses that constantly review and identify changes that need to be made in accordance with market trends.

These types of businesses have four commonalities:

  • They have a scalable IT infrastructure
  • They are on the cloud
  • They understand and use big data analytics
  • They have future-minded IT practices

To hold authority in your industry, your network infrastructure needs to be consistent enough to keep up with changing trends. Video is becoming a big part of how companies operate day-to-day, and its proving vital for internal communications moving forward. The worker pool is changing – millennials are now the largest generation to account for. These individuals have grown up with video in their lives, and their use of it will proliferate over the coming years.

Companies will struggle to maintain consistent network uptime without an enterprise content delivery network. An ECDN allows the network some relief when it comes to huge downloads that videos require, stretching bandwidth to a minimum.

The reasons to implement a SD ECDN

By installing a SD ECDN, companies will have the ability to scale with new technological trends without the hassle of swapping out their legacy network. This allows IT to focus on other tasks that are vital to the company, such as improving proprietary applications and taking on new endeavors that could boost productivity and efficiency of employees.

Future creators saw marked improvements in key performance indicators over current focused – companies that only plan for the future when it is right at their doorstep. These KPIs include increased profit margins, enhanced employee productivity, a quicker reaction time to changes in the market and higher revenue from rolling out new products.

Scalability is key to being able to account for overarching changes in an organization. If one part of your company lags behind the curve, the rest will as well. For example, if your competitors are using video to train their employees, which they most certainly are in 2016, their employees will have a better understanding of company values as a whole. Onboarding education changes from person to person, but businesses can keep it consistent across the board by creating videos that ensure every new employee is gaining the same knowledge as the next.

Hosting onboarding videos on the Intranet can prove challenging, though. The massive amount of people all downloading the video at once can send the network into a spiral, exhausting IT’s resources and time. ECDNs bring your business one step closer to achieving consistent uptime, by caching the videos and rerouting video file downloads so it doesn’t stress the network.

Future creators recognize innovative technology and realize its power immediately. A SD ECDN is easy to set-up and maintain, at a fraction of the price it would cost to do a complete network overhaul. By eliminating video as a concern, the company is effectively freeing up its energy to tackle other problems and issues that could arise in the future.