Simply throwing more bandwidth at the enterprise video delivery problem is often not the answer for companies. Video can require such a staggering amount of data throughput that it can impact the network dramatically. Therefore, it is often best to optimize the bandwidth that is available before turning to a new telecom plan or infrastructure upgrade.

This issue is clear in the case of the Coastal Beverage Company, which is based in North Carolina. According to a recent TechTarget report, the organization wanted to depend more on video, but was based in a rural area. This made the option of adding more bandwidth almost impossible because the telecom was not equipped to handle the upgrade. The business had to search for new options. Maximizing existing bandwidth stood out.

Charlie Pope, IT manager at the Coastal Beverage Company, told the news source that a project to use WAN virtualization to optimize the network helped the company get the most out of the bandwidth that was available, leading to a smaller and more cost-efficient throughput expansion in the end.

Video needs tend to vary substantially between companies, making strategic network analysis key to choosing the right solution. Once businesses understand what they need, there are a variety of solutions available to meet operational requirements, ranging from WAN optimization to enterprise content delivery networks.

WAN optimization is often effective, especially for smaller scale projects, but is limited because video can use so much bandwidth that it negates the benefits of the technology. Enterprise content delivery networks help companies get much more out of the WAN and can often handle much more robust projects than WAN optimization.