Enterprise video strategies typically require corresponding network upgrades to support the delivery needs of the data-rich content. For many businesses, an enterprise content delivery network will prove sufficient to meet operational demands.

A CDN is a dedicated network that can devote all of its bandwidth to delivering a specific type of media to a business. When properly established to support video, a CDN can resolve most operational issues. However, there are a few problems that companies need to consider before using a CDN as their only video delivery solution.

Organizations need to understand where the CDN will link to their infrastructure, and make sure the setup is conducive to reaching end users effectively. If the CDN simply connects to the company’s headquarters, then the WAN will still deliver video to end users in branch offices and the CDN will not resolve performance issues.

Some CDNs are designed for specific types of content. Companies need to make sure they do not implement a web-focused CDN to solve their video problems, as the two traffic formats are too different.

Essentially, a CDN can resolve video issues, but businesses need to understand that no single solution is perfect and make sure they can conform their delivery platform to their operational needs.