Cost analysis for enterprise network testing

Cost Analysis For Enterprise Network Testing information spreadsheet

Enterprise network testing should only be employed when you are equipped with the proper expenses and budget knowledge. Here are some of the expenditures to consider:

  1. Employment

Predominantly the largest operative expense of a test lab, these costs include:

  • benefits
  • training
  • salaries

The test facility should have a competent employment structure; there should be a senior staff level to manage the operation of the lab – organised staff, activity and volume will certainly help to control costs.

  1. Power Consumption

The equipment used during lab operations will control the climate and the lighting in the area. These automated tools will help to reduce power consumption and related costs.

  1. Facilities and Equipment

Remember that it is important to oversee the management and maintenance responsibilities of the testing lab. Be sure to consider the following:

  • systems to accomplish tasks
  • preparation of equipment
  • builds and teardowns
  • inventory management

Remember, running a tight ship will always be a more cost effective approach to any business strategy.