By Stephen Blankenship – Director, Product Management

Enterprise video plans that focus on employee engagement have to be strategically designed to empower workers and draw them into corporate goals. The tactical considerations behind such a plan are significant and range from deciding on content types to feature to developing policies for user-generated content. Under the surface of these plans resides another key decision – how to support the video solution with the right network technology.

Performance is absolutely vital to the success of a video-based employee engagement plan. If content is slow to load, frequently stops to buffer while being viewed, is mired by frame rate slow downs because of dropped data packets or is marred by similar network-related problems, employees will not be too patient with it. Workers are too busy and too used to having quality internet access to deal with poor performance within the corporate system. As a result, organizations have to ensure their video solution performs consistently well when they are using the program for employee engagement. There are a few ways an enterprise content delivery network can help with this.

Circumventing weak parts of the network

Unlike a standard content delivery network, an ECDN actually brings data inside the corporate firewall to deliver it to end users. This means it does not simply drop data off at the fringes of the network and depend heavily on the WAN to distribute information. An ECDN can bring data packets directly to the fastest parts of the network that offer the most bandwidth. This makes it a prime option for organizations because it not only ensures video gets to users without problems, but also prevents video from disrupting the performance of other applications and services.

Providing cost efficiency

Finding ways to upgrade the WAN to optimize traffic or add bandwidth to the WAN or LAN systems can be expensive considering the extent of the performance boost. Considering how much ECDNs benefit the network, they are often a much more cost-effective option.

ECDNs are secure, which is key for employee engagement

To engage employees through video, user-generated content that features important corporate, and possibly personal, information is essential. However, sending video over a less secure network link can cause both IT workers and regular employees who want to protect themselves from identity theft to worry. By bringing data into the firewall, an ECDN provides the necessary security boost to protect employee and corporate data.