By Stephen Blankenship – Director, Product Management

There are a lot of ways to go about equipping a network for an enterprise video program. Each method has its own strengths and weaknesses, offering companies a diverse range of solid solutions. However, there is one option that often stands out as a system that drives video success – an enterprise content delivery network.

There are a few reasons why an ECDN stands out, but they all add up to one overarching principle – an ECDN is the foundation that companies can build their video programs upon. Here’s why:

ECDNs are robust

An ECDN offers a level of sophistication that is critical when delivering video effectively. If you sacrifice technological prowess along the path to making video work, you end up with performance issues and a bandwidth-strapped network that takes away from other operations. This turns video into a frustrating thing that management forces employees to deal with even though it never works right. With an ECDN, you can turn video into a technology that runs smoothly and engages employees in content creation and their work responsibility. This is possible because the solution establishes a technologically superior foundation for growth.

ECDNs are simple

Plenty of video delivery solutions are powerful, but ECDNs offer a combination of sophistication and simplicity that is difficult to match. Essentially, the network is a dedicated link between the vendor’s data center and corporate systems, enabling a simplified solution that requires little maintenance or management from the client without sacrificing performance.

ECDNs are secure

You may not be worrying too much about security now, but when you consider what a hacker can do with access to your video platform and the corporate systems that connect to it, you’ll see the need for a secure solution. Unlike a traditional content delivery network, an ECDN actually brings the content inside the corporate firewall, adding a level of security that is integral to a program’s ongoing success.

ECDNs outclass comparable solutions

When compared to a traditional content delivery network, an ECDN comes out better in almost every way. Security is not the only advantage, as the ECDN also offers a performance boost. With a traditional CDN, data is brought to the firewall, but still has to go through the WAN before it reaches end users, limiting any benefits for anything beyond basic web content delivery. An ECDN circumvents this problem by going inside the firewall, optimizing the technology’s performance capabilities.

– Stephen