By Stephen Blankenship – Director, Product Management

Companies investing in enterprise video programs face a major challenge – choosing the right technology to support effective content delivery and management. Business streaming services require a large quantity of bandwidth that can not only overwhelm the WAN, but render data throughput upgrades useless shortly after they have been made. As a result, it is best to tackle video-related network problems with video-specific solutions.

Enterprise content delivery is emerging as one of the most popular options for supporting an enterprise video platform. The solution offers a combination of performance and flexibility, making it a strategic system for businesses.

What is an ECDN?

To understand what an ECDN is, you have to first know what a content delivery network does. A CDN is commonly used by web hosting providers and similar organizations to ensure rapid data delivery of a specific type of content, usually website information, to reduce load times. This is accomplished by using the CDN to enhance the WAN or other network systems that interact with the data and providing a dedicated channel for this type of content.

At its core, ECDN is the same thing as CDN. The difference is that an ECDN actually travels inside the company’s firewall. This allows the network solution to be used for a wider range of internal content types instead of primarily focusing on customer-facing content.

The benefits of an ECDN

ECDNs generally offer a substantial performance boost to the network because they can take video-related data and deliver it directly to the LAN. This ensures that other WAN traffic is not disrupted by video and streamlines content delivery as a whole. Furthermore, the fact that data travels through firewall makes it a more direct and secure means of handling video in the enterprise.

This is an important situation, as video content can be used to harm a company if the WAN is hacked. Phishers can use information obtained while watching hacked copies of videos to create convincing emails and similar documentation. This allows them to convince people to give them access to data that can be used to harm a company. By deploying an ECDN, businesses protect themselves from such threats by adding a key layer of security to the video delivery process.