The transition to IPv6 is a major issue in the service provider sector, where internet, cloud and content delivery network vendors are scrambling to transition to the new protocol to support the internet’s growth. This is especially the case when dealing with enterprise video strategies, as a growing number of businesses are delivering video content to a diverse range of devices, all of which require IP addresses.

The move toward IPv6 is becoming essential to meet this need, as IPv4 addresses are running out and more businesses are experiencing a need for IPv6-enabled devices and services. To foster this transition to the new protocol, the Internet Society plans to hold World IPv6 Launch Day on June 6.

The event will see a number of service providers, device manufacturers and content delivery network vendors turn IPv6 on permanently, instead of just testing the setup for a short period.

Making the transition to IPv6 is integral for businesses depending on video transmission, whether it is for live streaming or communications, as the new protocol supports device-to-device communication, streamlining network usage and making it easier to handle content delivery.