Though there are certain myths that turn out to be true, there are others that are most definitely not and in anything from health to science, some of these tales are still very much alive today.

Video has a significant impact on the world of business. It is often used by companies to strengthen communication and to improve employee engagement. With online video platforms, such as Kollective, enterprise video content management is now much easier than ever before.

Phone recording someone resting against a laptop screen

Many have embraced this but others still think that video isn’t for them; this is simply because the myths that they believe to be facts are the very ones that are not.

Here are four enterprise video myths, debunked:

Myth 1: It’s just a trend

Some people believe that video is just a trend. They predict that after it has climaxed it will come crashing down just like other trends that have gone before. In Europe alone there are about 604,147,293 Internet users according to Internet World Stats; there are about 3 billion (and counting) users across the world.

According to Kaltura, a typical employee watches over 7 hours of work related video each month; 87 percent of executives believe that video has had a significant and positive effect on their organization.

These statistics speak volumes and are very telling of just how digital our world has become. They are also a good indication of just how mammoth the effects of video can be on an enterprise. Video is not just a trend and it isn’t going to die anytime soon. Video is a mainstay.

Myth 2: It doesn’t suit our conservative culture and it is impersonal

Remember that your video content should represent what your company stands for – it must showcase your brand’s personality. Speaking in a formal tone can help you to comply with your company’s conservative nature.

When created with a certain audience in mind, video can be very personal, welcoming and more sincere – it’s all in the way you deliver your message. Pay close attention to the details and use a warm voice; write scripts that are in line with your company beliefs and values.

Myth 3: It requires the highest video quality

Your enterprise video doesn’t need to be produced in the highest quality. Its main purpose is to increase total awareness and to strengthen the connection with your employees, all of which can be achieved regardless of video quality.

Focus on your message and how you are going to deliver it… Kollective will do the rest! Kollective assures HD-quality audio and video, live or on-demand and all this while maintaining enterprise-grade security and control. You better believe it!

Myth 4: Video equipment is expensive

You don’t need a fully-equipped production studio to create a video. There are other cheaper alternatives like digital style=”text-align: justify;”cameras and DSLR’s. Even our smartphones have HD and professional video production capabilities. Content outshines video quality every day of the week.

Kollective assures reliable and consistent high-quality videos that can work well even with smartphone cameras or laptop webcams.

Myth 5: We need to purchase new and expensive hardware

Back in the day, companies needed to invest in bulky and expensive hardware in order for enterprise video to work. Not so anymore as there are other online video platforms, such as Kollective’s EVP (Enterprise Video Platform), which utilizes your existing network so that you don’t have to install hardware or bandwidth upgrades. Kollective’s EVP is also completely cloud-based.

It also includes additional features, such as the Webcaster and the MediaCenter: the Webcaster is a powerful tool that broadcasts live events, meetings and seminars to thousands of employees, wherever they may be. It is built to be intuitive, so your audience can watch the videos via any gadget or mobile device.

The MediaCenter is a video portal that is easy to set up. An updated archive for those who missed the live events, it is completely user-friendly and has social media integrations to enable viewers to enjoy a uniquely immersive experience.

Video is one of the best ways to bridge the gap between employers and employees. With Kollective’s Enterprise Video Platform, your workforce will be united as one.