The Kollective Online Video Platform is an interactive user experience that has powerful software integrations; it combines high quality video and reliable delivery across the enterprise. Through this platform, you will be able to engage with everybody, regardless of how many users make a request.

Kontiki Online Video Platform Easy Integration information spreadsheet

  1. Efficient Network

Kollective prevents network overload by making sure that only one copy of a stream will navigate the WAN into each office location. Regardless of how many users in an office make a request, it doesn’t require caching, routing or any other network equipment or bandwidth upgrades.

  1. Enhanced Network

The Kollective platform acts as an overlay that operates your existing network infrastructure. With the easy setup of an effectual and scalable system, Kollective can also accommodate thousands of employees instantaneously. You can showcase your presentations to limitless participants for maximum reach.

  1. Excellent Network

The Kollective Online Video Platform allows you to repeat previous live video events; it also permits you to answer polls and deliver feedback. As an excellent network that developed the JavaScript-based Video Player Designer, this allows thousands of player configurations for embedding into your websites.