How to Optimally Deliver Video in the Enterprise

Business people on a video call to other business peopleThere’s no way around it. Enterprise IT has to deliver much more video inside the firewall. Millennial work culture is demanding it, and the proven value of video as a collaborative communications medium is too compelling to forgo.

With the advent of Software-Defined Enterprise Content Delivery Network (SD ECDN) technology, whatever drawbacks IT might have once associated with video are gone.

Reasons for implementing SD ECDN technology now include:

  • Better business performance through more effective internal communication
  • Cost-effective and rapid IT deployment
  • Long-term benefits of preparing the network for a video-rich future
  • Business self-service with automatic network optimization and intuitive management tools

This white paper explains how video delivery overlays work and why companies that adopt them will be far better off than those that don’t.