Relentless competition drove telecommunication providers like AT&T, Comcast and Time Warner to offer ever increasing amounts of bandwidth to home subscribers. Fiber optic connections are the norm nowadays, offering bandwidth high enough to stream a few HD videos concurrently. Consumers willingly pay for these high speed connections, streaming terabytes of content from Netflix, ESPN, Hulu and the like straight into their living rooms.

This revolution seems to have passed on enterprise networks, and for good reasons. Giving a high-bandwidth connection to each employee is extremely expensive, and CIOs are reluctant to incur the cost and overhaul their entire network for an activity that isn’t always perceived as important or productive. Employees are expected to focus on their jobs, which typically involve low-bandwidth requirements for document sharing and enterprise applications.

Employees, however, would beg to differ. The YouTube and Facebook generation is entering the workforce, and along with their older colleagues watch online videos every day on news, sport, and entertainment websites and apps. These employees expect the same level of engagement from their corporate communication departments. They won’t settle for old-fashioned email blasts; instead, they demand the engaging experience that only video can deliver.

Our goal here at Kollective is to offer easy software solutions that simply work. Our mission is to empower companies with technologies and tools that facilitate consumer-like experience delivered over low-bandwidth corporate networks. We achieve exponential scalability by removing the need for hardware installation and maintenance. The magic lies in distributed, parallel processing perfected through 14 years of research, development, and deployment at the world’s largest corporations.

Employees who use our applications are telling us that the experience is just like at home. Corporate communication, training, and human resources departments tell us that the content management tools we provide are robust and easy to use. Technology managers tell us that our solutions are extremely easy to deploy and have a very low impact on their networks. We are growing and expanding our scope and reach in both live and on-demand video, as well as content delivery in general. Stay tuned for what’s next!