For most businesses, video is a key tool for communications, advertising and internal content delivery. However, not all businesses take the proper steps to ensuring adoption is successful before taking the plunge into enterprise video.

Adopting video takes a full understanding of how it can be used and how it will be most useful for specific company needs. It also requires the right infrastructure support to maintain high-quality video content delivery. Many businesses may feel that their network technology is up to the task, but some underestimate the needs of video support, especially on a wireless network. To gain the full benefits of video, streaming must be of the highest quality, and this often means improving network infrastructure.

Whether utilizing live webcasting or pre-recorded video for other uses, it can be intensive on a network. By optimizing network support, especially wireless area network (WAN), a business can ensure it can handle the bandwidth needs of video and maximize the quality of playback for employees. This makes network optimization key to supporting enterprise video, but it is still just one part of the puzzle.

A business can also implement a separate media content network for efficient delivery of video. An enterprise content delivery network (ECDN) helps optimize delivery on a wide scale basis, and many businesses already utilize one for external purposes – adding internal video to it would help reduce the cost of implementation and improve bandwidth usage overall.

Ultimately, implementing video solutions can have a variety of benefits, but a business has to do it intelligently to maximize the gains and minimize the cost. This will ensure optimized productivity and profitability from video initiatives without breaking the bank.