Today’s workforce grew up in a digital age. Computers, mobile devices and the internet drive a need for instant gratification when it comes to information and entertainment. As such, it is vital for businesses to invest in the best enterprise content delivery network (ECDN) possible to keep employees engaged and satisfied.

According to Cloud Tech, having a dedicated ECDN can be beneficial for any company with a web presence, but it is critical for other aspects of operations as well. The implementation of an enterprise video platform is one of those aspects.

The news source discusses an ECDN’s benefits for improving traffic to heavily visited sites, improving downloading and more, but it has just as many advantages in the office as well. A dedicated video content delivery network provides a business with a sure way to provide video to every employee without affecting normal workflow or risking security. A ECDN also ensures that video webcasting is of the highest quality, unaffected by bandwidth bottlenecking and other issues that could reduce the quality of playback.

The key feature that a business should look for is support of live streaming. Live webcasting allows a company to broadcast meetings and other, similar video content to all of its employees simultaneously, rather than spending money renting a meeting hall or cutting into workflow by dragging workers out of their normal schedules.

In addition to these benefits, a dedicated ECDN also allows a business to monitor usage more accurately. Monitoring video use and analyzing the data can help a company put its video initiatives to better use and improve the quality of content over time. An ECDN helps to separate video bandwidth from other network traffic for better analysis and more accurate results.

Ultimately, video provides a variety of benefits to a business, from enhanced productivity to a smarter, more efficient workforce. However, video for business purposes requires a solid foundation to play off of, and an ECDN provides that. By integrating video into daily operations without an ECDN to support it, a company could risk wasting its time, effort and resources only to fail. Invest in a high-quality CDN like Kontiki’s ECDN and get the results needed to embrace internal video solutions.