By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

An enterprise video platform provides a number of advantages to virtually any business in any industry. However, it is essential that a company pick the best possible platform, or those benefits could quickly turn into hurdles that will need to be regularly overcome. According to Streaming Media, there are a variety of enterprise content delivery network models for a business to choose from, from cloud-based solutions to more social services. However, sometimes the most effective option combines the best of both worlds. A business needs to decide what its own unique needs are and tailor its video solution to meet them.

According to the news source, one of the main differences in services, whether or not a platform is cloud-based, is entirely up to a company’s preference. Sometimes, the cloud works better if a business has a significantly large remote workforce, while other times it may require too many additional support investments to be worthwhile. On the other hand, sometimes those investments are worth it if a company plans to branch out into cloud services for other areas of its operations.

Ultimately, the decision to purchase a dedicated video platform comes down to understanding what functions it performs and how those functions benefit the business. The right ECDN can be a major boon to an enterprise if utilized properly. A platform has to manage content to the needs of employees will providing streamlined access at any time with no lag or delay. Other features, such as social webcasting support or similar solutions can also benefit a company greatly.

Video platforms can have a significant impact on a business’s infrastructure. Knowing how to utilize that impact will determine if that impact is positive or negative.