With all of the new technology hitting the market over the next few years, companies may feel the urge to upgrade their networks in order to accommodate it all. Getting rid of your legacy network in favor of brand new infrastructure is an expensive undertaking that just isn’t necessary in the modern era.

Software-defined enterprise content delivery networks can help alleviate some of the stress legacy networks face on a day-to-day basis. For the same low price of monthly network maintenance, companies can implement an SD-ECDN and reap the various horizontal benefits.

What lies in the future
Office spaces will become increasingly connected over the next decade as technology transforms how people communicate with one another. Meetings will be a thing of the past for internal communication as workers will expect to be able to learn about information when, where and how they want.

Video will become a large part of the equation when it comes to transmitting information. Rather than pull employees out of their daily routine to give them training or relay a news announcement, workers will look for a video that has the same effect.
Businessman touching a phone symbol with his finger
The only issue with video becoming so prevalent, though, is the strain it puts on networks. If your network struggled to give employees Internet access while simultaneously providing support for proprietary applications, the “video revolution” will cripple internal services at times. If it doesn’t, the end user for video playback will experience long buffering times that significantly decrease the value of said videos.

Throw in new technology that will allow employees to stay more connected than ever before, and businesses will begin to have trouble on their hands very soon. Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on a complete new infrastructure, companies can shore up loose ends by implementing an SD-ECDN to ensure video delivery will go down without a hitch, leaving valuable bandwidth for routine applications to use.

What an SD-ECDN can offer
Simply put, an SD-ECDN allows a company to keep its legacy network while it either scales in size or technology to compete with other performers in the industry when it comes to incorporating new trends.

When you dig a little deeper, SD-ECDNs have numerous horizontal benefits, where its main use can affect other areas of the business. The most pervasive being its ability to reroute video data so that bandwidth is freed up for routine applications.

An SD-ECDN is an affordable addition to any IT infrastructure. It costs less than most standard monthly hardware maintenance solutions, and it can scale and integrate with whatever the company throws its way. Also of note is its quick launch time – it takes less than a week to deploy. Most anything that streamlines a component of daily office use takes much longer, as it usually has to be customized.

“An SD-ECDN is an affordable addition to any IT department.”

Something that will keep the IT crowd happy is its ability to run tests in the background without affecting any users or day-to-day operations. This can be used in one of two ways – to review what has already happened, like previous stress tests, or to understand real-time data. The latter is of most interest, as companies are increasingly shifting to big data to understand key performance indicators. These tests can provide valuable insight into trends within the office, and how much of a return on investment the company is seeing in certain areas.

Ultimately, what every company needs moving forward is the security of scalability. No one knows for sure what will be thrown into the fray of enterprises, but those who aren’t ready for the future will certainly be left in the past.

Implementing an SD-ECDN now is showing your office and IT staff the company is ready for the future. Far too often will companies wait until the last minute before upgrading their infrastructure. With this solution, an upgrade isn’t needed as the biggest burden on the network is safely and securely rerouted.

It’s time to make a decision that will impact the business on a number of different levels. SD-ECDNs provide network reliability first and foremost, but under it all is the security that whatever business trend the company decides to adopt next, it will be fully supported.