Although more businesses are looking to online video and voice communications solutions, implementing the wrong plan could be a security risk. According to Network World, IP-based voice and video tools often pose security risks when the right steps aren’t taken when upgrading from traditional legacy communications. To ensure successful migration to the latest telecom tools without endangering business security or productivity, a business needs to invest in the right voice and video communications platforms.

According to the news source, the challenge comes from businesses not understanding the difference between IP-based communications and TDM-based public switched telephony. With the latter, a company didn’t have to concern itself with its communications security, as it was a closed network. With the switch to IP voice or video, though, those networks change to private ones, and security becomes increasingly important. By being negligent with these upgrades, a business loses out on cost and productivity improvements and ends up increasing expenses to handle security needs.

Resolving traffic conflicts

Ultimately, the main challenge facing any business looking to implement live webcasting or other forms of video communications is resolving network conflicts at the gateway. Existing data security protocols may not take video into consideration or include voice as a priority. To compensate, a business may alter its current security tools or implement secondary ones that will overcomplicate network security and raise costs.

Visibility is key

Another related issue that a business may experience is the visibility of issues within its video network Not being able to notice issues due to network congestion or simply because there is too much going on. This is the first potential issue that a business will want to avoid, and by doing so may improve security overall. This can be done by implementing a dedicated content delivery network. With a CDN in place for video and communications, a business will separate its network traffic, improve visibility and allow for the right security protocols to be in place for each network.

For any business, video communications in particular may open up new opportunities and enable chances a company needs to embrace other uses of video. Implementing a CDN to ensure secure and effective usage of online video is the key to this and is the first step toward another other implementations that a business wants to undertake.