By Rob Nunes – VP of Marketing

While companies sometimes have to contend with network issues and video quality concerns, security should never be a major concern. Yet for some businesses that haven’t adopted a high-quality enterprise video platform, it can be. Without a secure video content delivery network (CDN), video could potentially be “sniffed” or stolen from within the network and used for corporate espionage. To avoid this, businesses need to invest in a CDN that includes highly secure features, like Kontiki’s Enterprise Content Delivery Network.

A secure CDN provides a variety of benefits in addition to keeping corporate spies from stealing meeting live webcasting or training videos. It allows for encryption and other solutions to protect content, and allows for virus protection as well.

Central publishing

One of the main advantages of Kontiki’s high-quality ECDN solutions is the use of a secure central publishing system. This ensures that only content that is published to the central server is delivered over the network infrastructure, minimizing the risk of viruses and other unauthorized use. This also keeps all of the authentication and licensing to one location, speeding up live webcasting and encrypting it for network traffic.

Access control

The central server for publishing also limits access control to only authorized clients, minimizing the risks of illegal and unwanted access to content. As an additional security method, this also keeps employees for misusing the network, ensuring optimal bandwidth for enterprise video consumption. It also helps IT teams police data and comments on videos and improve the overall quality of the CDN.


Possibly the most important security feature of Kontiki’s enterprise video solutions is the encryption of content on the network. Encryption ensures that even if unwanted access occurs, without Kontiki’s lightweight client, the data will be unwatchable and therefore useless to the hacker. It also ensures that users can’t distribute sensitive information outside of the approved network, as content is only decrypted upon streaming.

Content quality

At the same time, improving security cannot negatively affect the quality of the content, and Kontiki’s solutions ensure that it doesn’t. With these tools, a business can provide high definition streaming of meetings, training videos and more without security concerns or worrying about data loss due to encryption or any of the other security measures put in place.

Implementing a highly secure, optimized system for video content delivery is only part of the overall equation. A business also has to know that it will be able to provide the highest quality video possible and get the most use out of its solution. In addition to the security features of Kontiki’s services, a business receives some of the highest quality network infrastructure tools on the market to improve its video solutions and get more out of the content that it’s shooting. This will boost employee engagement and ensure that the business is getting the productivity, efficiency and workflow benefits that it needs from the tools it is using.