A recent study by Alcatel-Lucent found that the “tablet generation” is pushing business networks hard, increasing video consumption and other internet usage significantly. With another leap in tablet ownership expected this holiday season, more businesses will need to improve network infrastructure to handle the uptick in traffic. However, tablets also bring benefits for any businesses looking to take advantage of this increase in video consumption.

According to the report, consumers are expected to increase video-on-demand consumption to 70 percent by 2020, compared to 33 percent today. Enterprise video options can give companies the opportunity to take advantage of this, and offer new content delivery platforms.

The Alcatel-Lucent study focused on consumer and residential broadband networks, but the same ideas apply to enterprise as well. With video consumption on a steady incline, the ability to deliver on-topic, timely video content will be increasingly important for companies looking to remain on the cutting edge of technology and operations improvement. The study found that anticipated internet-based video will increase twelvefold each year until 2020, exceeding 1 zettabyte of traffic in that time.

Ultimately, video provides essential tools for any business, from improving meetings by allowing employees to tune into them when convenient rather than interrupting workflow, to enhancing the flow of information throughout the company. Workers can view content during lunch breaks, or download it to their mobile device to watch during their commute or at home. Additionally, it improves the availability of information by making it accessible through an already easily reached resource, the company network, rather than requiring paper or word of mouth.

“It is important to look at where service providers’ investments can have the most impact, and this research makes clear that the IP edge of both wireline and wireless networks – which are increasingly becoming one and the same – offers the greatest opportunity to improve network performance,” said Marcus Weldon, CTO of Alcatel-Lucent, discussing the need for improved network infrastructure. “At the same time, it also presents the greatest source of risk if not managed appropriately.” Weldon’s comments, while focused on service providers, also apply to businesses looking to implement enterprise video platforms.

Video can be a great asset for any company, but without the right tools and infrastructure to support it, businesses can get bogged down by it just as easily.