By Stephen Blankenship – Director, Product Management

Enterprise content delivery networks offer a superior and cost-efficient option for enterprise video. They provide performance capabilities that go beyond traditional content delivery networks and offer businesses a much more secure way to deliver video to end users. As a result, an ECDN is often the most important technology that organizations can use when deploying video, especially when the technology is used for employee engagement or to improve meeting quality.

5. ECDNs are cost efficient

If your first priority is to avoid spending money while still establishing an enterprise video platform, you can probably find something that is less expensive than an ECDN. However, an ECDN offers a price-to-performance ratio that packs a significant punch. The solution often includes a combination of advanced technological ssystems integrated to streamline content distribution and help companies get the most out of their video investments. As a result, the technology not only offers major benefits of its own, it also helps get more out of the money you have spent in other areas of the network.

4. ECDNs are secure

Security is not a major issue in a business streaming solution. For the most part, video content is a fairly secure media. However, videos can contain corporate strategies or policies that make them targets for corporate espionage. Furthermore, phishers will often use knowledge about a company to form realistic messages that they use to gain access to sensitive information. As a result, organizations still need to protect video data as it travels through the network. An ECDN is a valuable asset in this area because it carries data inside the corporate firewall, minimizing the opportunity for security-related issues.

3. ECDNs are simple

One of the things you probably don’t want is a video solution that is so complex that it is difficult to use. With an ECDN, you get a powerful technological option that is built on a sophisticated architecture. However, you also get a system that has been fine-tuned to offer simplicity and ease of use from an end-user perspective. As a result, organizations using an ECDN as their primary distribution solution can easily set the system up.

2. ECDNs protect other forms of data from bandwidth problems

One of the challenges that comes with a video investment is finding the best way to support the rest of the data that travels through the network. When the WAN is overwhelmed, application and database traffic can suffer. This can pose major problems when employees cannot access critical systems because the WAN keeps dropping data packets. ECDNs, to some extent, segregate the data on the WAN and ensure that video is delivered effectively while ensuring other systems don’t suffer.

1. ECDNs are a holistic option

There are some video solutions that work particularly well when streaming content. There are some delivery options that are great with archived and on-demand content. An ECDN can handle both effectively. This makes the system a holistic platform for enterprise video programs that enables businesses to get the most out of the technology. If you deploy an ECDN you often don’t have to support the video from a network hardware perspective. Everything else is internal marketing and using software effectively.

Deploying video enables businesses to engage their employees, improve meetings and develop better internal methods for collaboration. Organizations can unleash all of these benefits by taking full advantage of the capabilities of an ECDN.