The emerging trend of video communications to answer the problem of employee engagement has proved to be an effective and efficient strategy. With new technology, producing and distributing video to a widespread audience is now made easier than ever and with Kollective Software Defined Enterprise Content Delivery Network (SD ECDN) in the picture, enterprises will no longer have any excuse not to use videos.

Business people on video call with each other

Kollective SD ECDN is a cloud-based solution that can address different video and file delivery challenges. It establishes a software-defined overlay on top of an existing network, which cancels out the need for new and expensive hardware.

Video for Internal Communications

Bombarding employees with emails and message might make them feel disconnected. To counter these feelings of detachment and isolation, more and more companies are opting to use video for internal communications. Creating video content may be tricky; you must first understand the types of video content you can produce in order to improve employee engagement.

Types of Video Content

  1. The Instructional Video

Instructional videos allow new employees to remember all company information and guidelines. They will relay the company’s vision and mission statements – they help to identity the company, where it is going and how it will get there.

  1. The Video Message

Video streaming will allow the whole company to get involved – you can also record executive meetings. Deviate from printing memos and sending emails and use videos to relay your key messages instead. Your employees will feel like they have a genuine and personal connection with you.

  1. The Celebration Video

Inspire your whole company by giving motivational speeches on video for anniversaries and other significant milestones, like meeting sales targets. Express your gratitude for all their hard work and dedication – make them feel appreciated.

  1. The Culture Video

A powerful way to reinforce your company’s corporate culture is by producing a video showcasing what the company wants to be and why it acts like it does. To further involve your employees with this project, you can ask them what they find valuable about the organisation. By doing so, not only will you connect with your employees, you will also make them feel acknowledged.

Making the Most Out of Video

Video content won’t be able to deliver if it is ill-defined. Recognising the type of video you need to provide will deliver a clearer and more concise message to your audience; this will also see your video efforts being more valued by your employees.