People today have short attention spans and this greatly affects the quality of their work. It can be observed throughout the workforce, with employees rushing to finish their assigned tasks and thus forfeiting the quality of their outputs. Many companies resort to various stimulating solutions to retain employee interest – this is where enterprise video comes in.

Business people on video call to other business people

Video is an informative and interactive platform. As one of the most engaging forms of communication, it gives the video producer the ability to relay messages, while giving the audience the chance to respond almost instantly.

Digital Interaction

When employees are continuously engaged, they become more productive and loyal to the company. Constant communication with their leaders creates a positive culture, as employees are kept in the know regarding important events, developments and even crisis within the company.

Digital interaction with employees saves more time as opposed to using the traditional pen and paper. Video can also be used to share company information, rules and policy changes – even messages from the management. Furthermore, videos allow employees to voice their concerns. With the use of video as a communication tool, you can expect a consistently dynamic working environment.

Video Delivery Challenges

Although video is a great solution to keep employees engaged, there are still challenges that need to be met in the delivery of this communication tool. An all-hands webcast featuring a key executive is one particular problem, as this causes a considerable amount of network traffic. Resulting in saturated WAN links and the interference of critical business functions, this would require the purchase of expensive hardware and extensive network re-engineering. To overcome these challenges, carefully consider your Video Delivery solution choice. Kollective has partnered with Microsoft specifically to provide intelligent networking services to overcome the network loading problems that are associated with delivering high quality video.

Video Delivery Solution

Enterprise IT teams are now gearing towards cloud-based software solutions for all their content delivery needs. Skype Meeting Broadcast, when paired with Kollective’s SD ECDN, can schedule events that will automatically take advantage of the Kollective SD ECDN if installed.  Intelligent network routing protects the network by preventing bottlenecks and other bandwidth problems. The Kollective SD ECDN becomes more effective and less expensive with every new employee.; new branch offices can be added in hours.

Kollective’s Software-Defined Enterprise Content Delivery Network (SD ECDN), which is hosted on Microsoft Azure and deeply integrated with Skype Meeting Broadcast, has exceptional features. These include a top notch video broadcast that can reach over 10,000 individuals and beyond. The program is easily accessible as attendees can join from any browser and device. It does not require any hardware because it uses the existing network infrastructure and it has strong end-to-end encryption to ensure that all video content is secured.