Both the B2B and B2C markets could be affected by a recent report from Reel SEO, which said that telecom giant Verizon is planning to deploy its own video content delivery system and ad service.

The $370 million service is not designed solely to cover Verizon customers, according to the news source. The idea, it said, is to complement existing offerings with targeted advertisements or other content and allow for a high degree of customization in video streaming.

The company touted its upcoming product’s flexibility, saying that it will offer businesses looking to deliver video content to employees or customers the ability to do so without excessive amounts of investment in new technical infrastructure. In order to bring its own CDN in line with more established offerings, Verizon also promised adaptive streaming and strong optimization features.

Building out a video delivery system can be a cumbersome task for some companies, but there are numerous enterprise video solutions on the market that can offer a substantial reduction in difficulty and cost.