The Internet Age is upon us. The amount of data being generated and consumed through Web channels is rising at a staggering pace – so much so that traditional technological methodologies can’t keep up. Software-defined technologies like enterprise content delivery networks are emerging as key solutions in this area, and they are becoming more important as organizations struggle to move data through the network efficiently.

A recent Silicon Republic report unpacked the data creation issues facing the world, as it pointed out that experts expect 1 zettabyte of data will be created by the Internet in 2015. This represents a monumental increase in data creation rates as, as of 2009, the Internet had only created just 500 exabytes of data. If this amount of data was not problematic enough, video is clearly a dominant component of traffic being created on the Internet.

Looking at the problem of video

Pointing to a Cisco study, the news source pointed out that video is, by far, the primary form of data moving through the Internet. Approximately 8,000 petabytes of the data being created by the Internet in 2015 is video content. Another 8,000 PB of data comes through file sharing. The next closest competitor for Internet traffic consumption created less than 4,000 PB of information. This research puts video into perspective as the data-creation juggernaut it really is, and it emphasizes a simple problem that businesses are facing – hardware investments can’t realistically keep up with the amount of video data moving through networks.

ECDNs feature hosted network controllers that save you from hardware investments.

Dealing with video on your network

Of course, the amount of video on the Internet doesn’t necessarily reflect what will show up on your network – you may well be controlling how users view and consume content to make sure your network isn’t overloaded with people watching YouTube content. However, organizations are creating and distributing video for diverse internal purposes, and they must be prepared to handle the implications of this content. Video isn’t just creating so much data because people are making so many videos, it is generating data largely because video files are so large.

If you are going to have hundreds of employees livestreaming a meeting, the network could crumble under those bandwidth demands. The cost of building out your LAN, and particularly your WAN systems, to handle video distribution can be staggering. Furthermore, the clearly escalating rate of data creation – especially video – makes future-proofing your systems nearly impossible. The days of turning to hardware to solve your video problems are behind us. The time has come to get your network to work smarter, not harder.

Enterprise content delivery networks use software-defined technology capabilities to enable organizations to improve data routing through the network. ECDN solutions feature hosted network controllers that save you from hardware investments and use your existing network infrastructure to its full capacity to help you handle video traffic. Investing in hardware may not be the answer for the rising video data consumption challenge, but subscribing to services that maximize the value of your systems can help you keep pace with content delivery demands.