Networking has long been regarded as a technology that facilitates business operations. This made it a low priority for most companies. However, the rise of cloud computing, virtualization, mobility and video have combined to make the network a critical enabler within the enterprise. Having adequate network systems in place allows organizations to take advantage of emerging trends. In turn, they can develop innovative services because they have the bandwidth needed to handle data transmission demands.

Video at root of many network issues

A recent release from Electro Rent Europe explained that the first signs of networking changes are happening at the telecom service provider level. These networks are increasingly moving toward 100 Gbps Ethernet capabilities. This is largely in response to the growing popularity of consumer and enterprise video solution, which are pushing bandwidth needs beyond traditional capabilities.

However, the greater throughput enabled in service provider networks demands a corresponding upgrade within corporate infrastructure. The news source said that many businesses are now faced with a need to move, at least, to gigabit Ethernet, if not 10 Gbps Ethernet. Under these circumstances, organizations face mounting pressure to invest in new systems to support rising bandwidth rates.

Making strategic upgrades for video

Adding new bandwidth is one way to address video’s rising place in the enterprise. But the strategy has some limitations. The consumerization of IT and other trends are pointing to enterprise employees becoming more hungry for technological services, particularly web-based functions. As a result, simply improving data throughput rates could just be putting a bandage on the problem.

The issue with solving bandwidth limitations by adding more bandwidth is that there is nothing stopping users from using all of the data throughput capacity as soon as the upgrade is made. The enterprise is becoming a much more data-hungry world. Because of this, it is often vital that companies accompany bandwidth upgrades with more strategic investments that improve how efficiently bandwidth is managed.

In the context of an enterprise video platform, organizations are often best suited by implementing video-specific network solutions. In many cases, such options offer a way to streamline how data travels through the WAN, providing essential support that not only ensures video is delivered without latency or dropped data packets, but also allows for effective application data transmission throughout the network.